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Hi! I’m Rachel Allen Everett, a.k.a. Rae.

(Either Rachel or Rae is fine, whichever suits your fancy.) 


I'm a freelance illustrator, author, and comic book creator.


My work has been published by Band of Bards, Gold Key Comics, Mad Cave Studios, and Dark Horse Comics. I self-published a graphic novella called The Manderfield Devil, and (many many ages ago) a zero issue for my ongoing personal project, 13 Light-Years Away.

I also do concept art and illustration for card games, video games, and animated short films. I specialize in drawing expressive characters and immersive environments. My work is quirky and whimsical with a bit of an edge.

I love mixing disparate genres to create novel, self-contained stories with thoroughly developed worlds and thought provoking themes. I'm detail conscious and passionate about my work, and can guarantee that any project I take on will never be done halfway.

I'm a total nerd for ancient history, architecture, and pretty much anything from the 20th century. I read a lot of pulpy sci-fi short stories and indie comics. My favorite video games are Fallout 3, Zelda Breath of the Wild, Hyper-Light Drifter, and Gris. My favorite books are Coraline and The Little Prince.

I live with my husband, Noah, who also makes art. Together we dream of one day owning a cat, or perhaps a senile French bulldog. 

Thanks for looking at my work!

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