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Town with A Million Eyes

Part of an 8-page short story published in Boris Karloff's Gold Key Mysteries no. 2, published by Gold Key Comics in 2024.

The Manderfield Devil

This personal project is a noir murder mystery meets horror fantasy inspired by Hellboy and The Twilight Zone. The 37-page story was originally published online. Printing was funded with Kickstarter in November 2021. 

The Cursed Caper

A band of thieves orchestrates a caper at a Gatsby-style mansion party hosted by a wealthy Baron, fabled to own priceless artifacts with arcane ritualistic significance. Another tale to be told in the same universe as The Manderfield Devil. 

Digital Lizards of Doom

Digital Lizards of Doom is an all-ages intergalactic space opera written by Gabe Valentine, published by Mad Cave Comics. This was for book no. 5 in the 8-part series. 

The Infant